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The business will be closed between 22nd Dec - 4th Jan 2021 deliveries will resume as normal in the New Year.


Description:A short description to come up underneath after the glass type have been chosen, this feature needs to be available on admin page so admin can make changes when necessary.

Max 3000mm

Max 1700 mm


£5.00per/linear metre. All the edges of the piece of glass are polished for a safe, smooth, decorative effect.

£5.00 each. Holes in your piece of glass at the size and location you request.

£20.00/square meter. A InvisibleShield to resist limescale, water spots and bacteria. Also makes the glass easy clean therefore ideal for shower screens.

£10 per corner

£2.00 each

£19.50 per cut. Cut outs in your piece of glass for sockets or hinges. If using a hinge please provide the code and upload your image.

£70 per design upload

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